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Multi Wavelength Laser

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High power multi-wavelength laser are ideal for fluorescence imaging or any other application that requires up to multi wavelengths of laser source. The user ccould control the individual or collective output of these lasers and change the power of each laser by clicking on the LED screen. The laser source is configured to accept the lasers which have discrete wavelengths in the spectral range from 375 - 1550 nm, and can be placed in the source in any combination.Click on the wavelength combinations below to view or print a spec sheet.  Please contact us for spec sheets on additional configurations or power ranges not included on these spec sheets.

Standard model:

405nm/ 447nm/ 532nm/ 637nm
405nm/ 488nm/ 532nm/ 637nm


  • Built-in driver for easy operation
  • 375-1550nm wide range of wavelengths available
  • 2-20 wavelengths can be combined into one system
  • Customized wavelength and output power combinations
  • Customized size available