1064 Acousto-optic Q-switched laser
good beam
High power stability <3%,<2%,<1%,<0.5%
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, AO-V-532
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, 1064 Acousto-optic Q-switched laser
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, good beam
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, High power stability &lt;3%,&lt;2%,&lt;1%,&lt;0.5%

1064 Acousto-optic Q-switched laser

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◆ 15~200kHz wide repetition frequency range and <25ns pulse duration.
◆ Excellent beam quality(M2<1.2)is strictly guaranteed at all frequencies.
◆ With first pulse suppression function, suitable for sensitive materials.
◆ Scientific research quality standard, <1% power stability.
◆ Industrial product flow, 12 quality inspection procedures, stable and reliable product quality.


Plastic transparent materials generally use EVA materials with surface coating, AO-V-1064 series laser system can provide perfect marking parameter for this material with different coating thickness and composition, and provide customer with complete product solution to remove surface color clean and clearly.