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DPSS Laser (Diode Pumped All Solid State Laser)

Diode Pumped All Solid State Lasers

CNI offers high performance diode pumped all solid state laser, with high output power stability, ultra compact, long lifetime, which are widely used in spectrum analysis, interference, measurement, holography, laser printing, chip inspection, collimation, laser medical treatment, scientific experiment and other applications.

       Product Overview

High Stability Laser Low Noise Laser Narrow Linewidth Laser Single Frequency Laser
High stability S series laser CNI single longitudinal mode laser,narrow linewidth
Long-term stability <1%

 Ultra compact size

RMS noise<0.5%

Perfect beam quality

Linewidth <0.003 nm
Low noise <0.5%
Narrow linewidth <0.00001 nm
Low noise <0.5%

High Power Laser


High Energy Laser

Mode-locked &

Picosecond Laser


Q-switched Laser

Power up to 500 W

 CW & Q-switched mode

Single pulse energy up to 10 J

Min. pulse width <4 ns

Pulse width < 10 ps
Rep. rate up to 10 MHz
257-4800 nm available
Rep.rate up to 200 kHz

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